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Premium Brake Components

Brake Discs

Our brake discs are produced within OE tolerances and using materials that meet the vehicle manufacturers’ specifications, while constant process checks ensure a consistently high standard of quality. We supply the aftermarket with an extensive portfolio of products comprising more than 2,300 references. Depending on your needs, you can also choose among various brake disk versions: standard, coated, and black-coated high carbon.

Brake Shoes

Our brake shoes ideally complement our drums while meeting the high performance and quality requirements of OE parts. We offer a large assortment of shoes for both service and parking brakes. All models are coated to prevent rusting.


Brake Drums

Our brake drums are made from premium cast iron using a state-of-the-art manufacturing process to ensure very high heat resistance and a long service life. High-quality cast iron and optimal roughness of the inner surface deliver clear safety benefits. We offer a comprehensive range of drums with more than 100 references.

Brake Pads

Each vehicle is different and has its own brake lining requirements. To meet the prerequisites for optimal OE quality and reliability across the board, different combinations of friction materials are needed. Brake pads for commercial vehicles, in which the brakes have to withstand extreme stresses, have to meet especially demanding requirements with regard to performance and durability. We carry more than 2,000 different brake pads in OE quality for currently built vehicles.

Brake Force Regulators

Drivers have to be able to depend completely on a vehicle’s brake system. During braking, the vehicle’s entire weight shifts to the front axle, making ideal braking pressure crucial. Our brake pressure regulators optimally adjust the pressure on the rear axle depending on the vehicle’s load. Made of high-quality materials, they are available in OE quality for both cars and trucks.