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FTE (a Valeo brand) has been a highly valued partner to the automotive industry for over 70 years, recognized worldwide for its outstanding performance and innovation. Internationally leading vehicle manufacturers rely on us, not least because of our strong engineering and manufacturing competencies, the high quality of our products, our strict quality control, and our outstanding customer service. All of these characterise us as an industry expert and leading maker of hydraulic clutch parts. We also supply OE products backed by superb service for the automotive aftermarket. We offer a full range of hydraulic clutch parts: from clutch master cylinders, clutch slave cylinders, and concentric slave cylinders across clutch boosters, cables, hoses and pipes to pre-filled clutch systems. And all of them comply with OE specifications—we guarantee it!

Clutch Master Cylinders

Like all our products, before adding a clutch master cylinder to our range of spare parts we painstakingly develop it to OEM specifications. Our many years of experience in plastics processing have enabled us to design new solutions and verify their performance in comprehensive, exhaustive tests. This also benefits the aftermarket. We also carry a full line of aluminum and cast iron clutch master cylinders with and without sensors.

Clutch Slave Cylinders

We offer you high-quality clutch slave cylinders based on premium technology. 100% tested and processed to conform to the latest international standards, our clutch slave cylinders are available in plastic, aluminum, and cast iron. We naturally guarantee consistently high product quality and availability.

Concentric Slave Cylinders

We labor continually to improve the accuracy, service life, and materials of our concentric slave cylinders. Our aftermarket models are identical to the corresponding OE parts in terms of design and technology. Featuring premium quality and perfect functionality, our concentric slave cylinders are the first choice of demanding aftermarket customers.

Clutch Boosters

We offer you an extensive range of clutch boosters for light commercial vehicles and heavy trucks. Developed and tested to meet OE specifications and standards, our clutch boosters are guaranteed to deliver unbeatable performance.

Electro-hydraulic Clutch Actuators

The electro-hydraulic clutch actuator takes the place of the master/slave cylinder and the clutch pedal. It automatically opens and closes the clutch. Designed for highly dynamic, precise clutch control in commercial vehicles, the compact plug & play unit combines mechanical and hydraulic action with sensors and electronics. The driver´s benefit: Highly precise maneuvering, easier docking, safer uphill driving.



Prefilled Clutch Systems

Prefilled clutch hydraulic systems enormously facilitate the work of mechanics. Our systems are completely filled and tested for quick and easy installation. This saves time and money: benefits that make a difference and underscore our leadership in the clutch hydraulic market.

Clutch Hoses

We manufacture and supply hoses in the quality you expect of a OE manufacturer. Incorporating high-performance rubber compounds and produced with state-of-the art processes, our original hoses fit perfectly and work exactly as intended. High-quality plug connectors ensure quick and easy installation.

Clutch Pipes

Our premium clutch pipes are the result of systematic development. We work nonstop to improve their properties to meet vehicle makers’ increasing requirements in terms of quality and functionality. By exclusively using high-performance materials, we also reliably offer high-quality clutch pipes with top performance for the aftermarket.

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