Tools, Service Equipment & Brake Fluids

Great Tools for Great Projects.

While we’re specialists in brake and clutch hydraulic products that are the first choice of OEMs, we also offer garages equally high-quality tools and equipment for optimally servicing vehicles. Take advantage of them to ensure even more satisfied customers!


Impluse Filling and Bleeding Device

This practical unit lets a single person safely flush, fill, and bleed all common clutch and brake systems including ABS, EDS, ESP, and SBC. A pulsating stream of fluid reliably eliminates air bubbles in the hydraulic system, while an automatic self-bleeding feature makes sure that the fluid runs free of bubbles. An automatic cutout function prevents air from entering the hydraulic system. Electrohydraulic suction ensures complete evacuation of the reservoir. A special test function even detects leaks at low pressures.


  • Filling pressure infinitely adjustable between 0 and 3.5 bars
  • Mobile
  • Fits brake fluid drums from 5 to 20 liters

Brake Fluids

We offer you exactly the right brake fluid for every requirement. Our brake fluids have a wide range of thermal applications and meet the technical requirements of the different vehicle types. Since brake fluid is hygroscopic, i.e. water is absorbed over time, we recommend changing the brake fluid regularly. Only the timely change ensures the full Performance of the braking System in all driving situations.